Work From Home Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately: Where to Find Them

Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately: Where to Find Them


Remote jobs hiring immediately is a hot topic. All of a sudden everyone wants to work from home and they want to do so right now. In truth, there isn’t a magic wand that grants employment. However, there are options available when you need a remote job like yesterday.

With this in mind, read on to learn why hiring takes so long, options available for remote jobs hiring immediately, and ways to speed up a traditional remote job search.

How Long Does It Take to Find a Remote Job?

On average it takes five to six months to find a job according to TopResume. This includes both remote and in-person jobs. However six to seven months is standard for remote jobs. Typically, remote hiring takes longer because everything is coordinated digitally.

Of course, these are just averages. Some job seekers have shorter job search windows. And others have much longer ones.

Either way, anticipate roughly six months to pass between application and offer.

Why Does It Take So Long?

It’s frustrating, I know. You’re eager to work and want remote jobs hiring immediately – not in five to seven months!

But a lot happens when a company posts a remote job.

Open Applications

First, companies gather applications and resumes. Most companies accept applications from two to four weeks. During this time not much else happens.

Application Review

Once the application period closes the hiring manager has hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of resumes to sort through. Fortunately, most companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to narrow down the talent pool. ATS searches resumes for keywords. Those that have the keywords move to the ‘yes’ pile and those that don’t are discarded. Now the recruiter can manually review the ‘yes’ resumes and extend interview offers.

Screening Interviews

The majority of companies will conduct a round of phone interviews first. These are usually screening interviews. You may be asked about your background, experience, education, availability, and home office setup. If you pass the screening interview, a more formal interview will be scheduled.

Formal Interviews

Now hiring managers will conduct formal interviews. For remote workers, this can be another phone interview or a video interview like Zoom. Please note, just 2-3% of applicants make it to this stage!

Job Offer

On average a job offer happens 5-7 days from the interview. Usually more than one person makes a hiring decision. Needless to say, it takes time to compare notes and come to a final decision.

Job Search Delays

Hiring takes a lot of time and effort under perfect conditions. The process can go more slowly for many reasons, i.e.:

  • Vacations
  • Holidays
  • Budget
  • Schedule conflicts
  • Being too busy
  • Lack of resources

In the end, it amounts to a months-long process from application to offer.

Where Can I Find Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately?

Now you know how hiring happens and why it’s such a slooowww process. From here we can talk about ways to speed it up and even remote jobs hiring immediately.

But, I want to state from the start there are no instant remote jobs. Any listing that promises you’ll start today and make tons of cash is a lie or outright scam. However, there are options to start working remotely sooner rather than later. In some cases, you can start the very same day.

Micro Task Sites

Micro task sites are large crowdsourced platforms. First, clients post micro jobs. Then approved workers claim tasks. The term crowdsourced comes from “crowd” and “outsourced.” When the two are combined you get crowdsourced.

To start you fill out a questionnaire and short profile. Once approved you claim tasks. Simple, right? It is. The process is really quick. You start work the same day in most cases.

So, what’s the catch? Microtask sites don’t pay well. They’re meant to be cost-effective for clients. Some tasks might pay a penny upon completion. Others offer a few bucks.

Micro Task and Crowdsourced Sites for Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately

CrowdSpring – Accepts freelance designers for projects like Art & Illustration, Logo & Identity, Web & Mobile Design to name a few.

Amazon Mechanical Turk – A 24/7 network of workers (called Turkers). Tons of different tasks from transcription to answering surveys.

ClickWorker – ClickWorkers decide when, where and how much they want to work! Claim simple micro jobs instantly and take assessments for higher paying tasks.

OneSpace – Has task training for higher-paying tasks. Tons of writing and transcription jobs here.

Freelance Marketplaces

Freelancing is another option for remote jobs hiring immediately. Usually, it takes time to get established. However, it’s easier to get started with freelance marketplace sites.

These sites are free for workers. It’s clients who pay to post jobs. Freelancers pitch their services to clients after a job is posted. Finally clients select the best freelancer for the job. Typically, freelance marketplace sites handles payment and ensures everything goes smoothly for both the client and freelancer.

Freelance Marketplaces for Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately

Upwork – First up, is Upwork! Profiles are free but you have a limited number of pitches each month. However, more pitches are available to purchase.

Freelancer – In addition to Upwrk is Freelancer. It’s also free to create a profile but paid options are available too. Above all, a winning profile is key for visibility!

Fiverr – On the other hand is Fiverr. A gig is bought every four seconds here. However you create gigs to sell. Then clients purchase gigs. Finally, get creative! Any legal skill can be sold on Fiverr.

TopTal – Only accepts 3% of freelancers! As a result, you apply to work here. However, new freelancers are accepted as long as they’re skilled.

Guru – Next is Guru. Similarly to Upwork there’s a quoting system. In short, clients choose the best quote.

Online Contract Job Sites

Next, you can use contract sites for remote jobs hiring immediately. A contract job site hires workers for a limited time. Consequently, jobs last for a few months to a year. However contracts can always be extended or renewed.

The most popular online contract jobs involve writing, transcription, and content evaluation.

Online Contract Job Sites for Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately

Appen – Appen is a data collection company. Prior to working you fill out an application and complete training. The contract jobs include micro tasks, data collection, and longer-term projects.

Looking for remote jobs hiring immediately? Check out Appen for a variety of online jobs you can start quickly.
remote jobs hiring immediately at appen

Textbroker – Textbroker is often called a content mill. As a result most jobs are low-paying writing tasks. On the positive side, Textbroker offers quick work for new writers.

REV – Rev is a captioning company. Occasionally there are transcription jobs too. All workers must pass tests before accepting paid jobs.

BKA Content – BKA Content is another writing site. However, applicants pass tests to get hired. Most assignments involve keywords and SEO.

Lionbridge – Lionbridge is similar to Appen. But Lionbridge focuses primarily on interpretation and translation services. So, bilingual applicants are always welcome to apply!

TranscribeMe – TranscribeMe is another online job site. For the most part there are transcription jobs available. However, there are editing openings from time to time.

Gramlee – Gramlee is always looking for talented editors. First editor must submit an application. After that Gramlee contacts qualified applicants.

CACTUS Global – CACTUS has both freelance and contract jobs. In general jobs are academic in nature. For example, Academic Editing and Academic Reviewer are two in-demand roles.

Where NOT to Find Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately

Lastly, let’s discuss online scams. From time to time I come across fake jobs pretending to represent a company on this list. For the most part the scam goes the same way:

A “representative” contacts you out of the blue. After that they offer you a job. However, you must pay a fee to get started. Once the fee is paid you never hear from the “company” again.

Of course not all remote jobs hiring immediately are scams. But you need to stay mindful of scammers out there. Sooner or later you will encounter one. To be sure you are not getting scammed remember:

  • Companies will not ask for money to get hired
  • People are not hired through instant message or chat
  • Your private data is needed only after you’re hired, i.e., bank details, SSN, etc.
  • Email communication comes from a company’s domain, i.e., [email protected] NOT Gmail or yahoo
A fraud alert from cactus global on its jobs page

Given that scams are very real, stick to reputable remote job sites. On the other hand, avoid sites like Facebook and Craigslist where scammers are known to prey. Additionally, do not get caught up in direct sales or multi-level marketing (MLM). Direct sales reps paint a pretty picture of high earnings for little effort. However, the FTC reports 99% of MLM participants lose money. Further more, an FTC report states: “With the odds of profit being about one in 3,922 it is more appropriate to call MLM programs a ‘loss certainty’ than an ‘income opportunity.’”

With the odds of profit being about 1 in 3,922 it is more appropriate to call MLM programs a “loss certainty” than an “income opportunity.”


In other words, don’t fall for MLM sales pitches. Undoubtedly the result is loss of time, energy, money, and effort!

How to Get Hired Faster

Now that you know sites with remote jobs hiring immediately and how to spot and avoid scams, let’s talk job search tips. Even though the average remote job search is roughly six months, not all are. In fact, you can easily speed up your remote job search.

Narrow Down Your Job Search

There are thousands of remote job openings on any given day. For instance, FlexJobs alone has nearly 15,000 remote jobs in the US!

15,000 hand-screened remote jobs found on flexjobs

Undoubtedly you’re not qualified nor interested in all 15,000 of them. So, always start with a very clear idea of the types of remote jobs you will apply to.

For example:

  • Freelance, Contract, or Employee
  • Full Time, Part Time, Flex Schedule
  • Full Remote, Hybrid

From there, specify industries you’re interested in, i.e.:

  • Non Profit
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare

After that, determine remote roles you’ll apply to. For instance:

  • Project Manager
  • Proofreader
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Recruiter
  • Administrative Assistant

Additionally, research remote-friendly companies and create a target company list. Altogether, these steps narrow down your job search so you can make more progress in less time.

Pick Your Path Career Coaching

All in all remote job searches are tough! Sooner or later you will feel stuck. So, how can I help?

Above all, I’m a career coach specializing in remote work. My expertise is helping job seekers pick the right remote career path.

Instead of procrastinating or spinning your wheels, let’s work together. My Pick Your Path Career Coaching takes the guesswork out of job searches and provides much needed focus and clarity.

In the long run, your time spent planning your remote job will help you find a remote job faster.

Remote Jobs Hiring Immediately

To sum up, remote jobs hiring immediately are just a small portion of work out there. Although it’s tempting to jump at any chase to start working from home, it’s not usually the best decision. Instead use online jobs, e.g., transcription, writing, proofreading, to get started.

In the meantime, narrow down your job search and create a purposeful plan. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a clear direction and won’t even need to rely on remote jobs hiring immediately.

You’ve got this!


Ashlee Anderson

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