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7 Trustworthy Companies You’ve Heard Of That Hire Remote Workers


As a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC), I work with a lot of different clients. They come from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and experience levels. But, the two things they all seemingly have in common is:

  1. they want to work remotely AND
  2. avoid scams

And who could blame them? Job searches are tough enough as is. When you through potential scams into the mix it becomes even more difficult. That’s why I tend to recommend companies that are well known, have a great reputation, and readily hire remote job seekers, like you.

So, if you’re on the hunt for remote work but don’t know where to start your search, check out these 7 trustworthy companies that hire remote workers.

1. Century Link

Century Link is a major service provider for both homes and businesses. In fact, you may even use them for your home internet, phone, or even TV.

As a big-name internet provider, Century Link routinely hires employees to support their many customers. There are even work from home opportunities across the US.

The two main remote jobs at Century Link involve Contact Center and Sales. But, you can also find Product Analyst, System Engineer, and many other career paths too.

Simply head on over to the Jobs Page at Century Link to start your search.

Hint: Use keyword “work from home” in the search bar. (Pictured Below)

2. O’Reilly Auto Parts

The last time I needed a new car battery, I headed over to my local O’Reilly Auto Parts. You too may have visited one of their locations before for everything from bulbs and wiper blades to batteries and belts.

And while O’Reilly Auto Parts hires locally for their many retail locations, there are also opportunities to work remotely in its Corporate Division.

Corporate Positions at O’Reilly Auto Parts include Digital Marketing, IT, Human Resources, and more. Start your search at the Corporate Employment Page.

Hint: Change the location to “Remote.” (As Pictured Below)

3. GrubHub

Food delivery is big business. According to Forbes, it is nearly a $200 billion market! GrubHub is just one of the big-names in the growing online food ordering business. And, as luck would have it, GrubHub also hires remote workers.

Opportunities at GrubHub go far beyond delivering drivers. In fact, GrubHub hires across the globe and even has remote positions available from time to time.

To see what remote work is available at GrubHub, head on over to the Job Listings Page.

Hint: Be sure to filter listings by “remote” location. (As Pictured Below)

4. Spotify

Another billion-dollar industry, that happens to be remote-forward, is music streaming. A recent report from Tech Crunch estimates streaming services account for nearly 50% of revenue across the entire music industry!

One of the largest streaming services is Spotify. To date, more than 100 million listeners pay for Spotify subscriptions. And, to help manage its growing subscription base, Spotify regularly adds to its team.

While not all positions are telecommute, you can come across remote options on occasion.

Hint: Browse by Location on the Spotify Jobs Page to start your search.

5. SmileDirectClub

At SmileDirectClub, you can straighten your teeth for as much as 60% less than traditional methods. This direct-to-consumer dental company was founded in 2014. And, since then, has grown to be the leader in the clear aligner industry.

To support its continued growth, SmileDirectClub hires team members to assist customers at their retail Smile Shops as well as behind the scenes. Some of the openings have a remote option.

Visit the Job Listings at SmileDirectClub page to learn more.

Hint: Search for “Remote” to get work from home options

6. StitchFix

StitchFix is an online personal styling service. It sends clothes directly to your door with free shipping and returns.

Founded in 2011, StitchFix has grown to be one of the largest personal shopper services. In fact, about 3 million fashion-savvy shoppers turn to StitchFix every year to help them with their style.

There are remote positions at StitchFix in departments like Tech, Finance, Styling, and more. Visit the Careers Page to browse current openings.

Hint: There is no search feature on StitchFix. Instead, look to the right-hand side of the page to find “Remote USA” listings.


Even if you’ve never used before, you’re probably familiar with their commercials. This online company is the world’s largest family care platform. Essentially, it connects families with caregivers who can assist with everything from childcare to home healthcare.

To date, there are more than 34 million members worldwide. And, to assist their many care seekers and care providers, frequently adds to its team.

Opportunities for remote workers include departments like IT, Business Operations, Marketing, and more. Head on over to the Care.Com Careers Page to see latest openings.

Hint: Scroll to the bottom of the page and change location to “remote.”

No Scams. Real Remote Jobs.

It can be difficult to identify a real remote job from a scam. And, sorting through the good and bad can really take a lot of time. Instead of devoting the bulk of your job search to scam identification, go straight to the source — real companies with remote jobs.

I’m a BIG proponent of targeting companies. When you target companies, like the ones listed above, you simplify your remote job search. Instead of applying to every single remote job you come across, you narrow your search to companies you actually like.

This involves identifying your career ideals. From there, you can pinpoint remote-friendly companies that align with your unique ideals.

And, remember, as a CPCC and Forbes Coaches Council Member, I’m here to help! Learn more about my services and how I help remote job seekers kick their cubicles to the curb.


Ashlee Anderson, CPCC

This post was originally published on  Work From Home Happiness


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This post was originally published on  Work From Home Happiness