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5 In-Demand Work From Home Tech Jobs — No Coding Required


Work from home tech jobs aren’t all about coding. While there are plenty of coding and web developer positions you can do from home, they’re not your only option. 

Tech roles, in general, lend themselves well to remote work. And many tech-focused companies are extremely remote-friendly. In fact, more and more of them are favoring a distributed workforce — one where all employees can work where they please.

That means with a computer and internet connection, you can collaborate, manage projects, design, create, meet and share with coworkers. But instead of being stuck in a cubicle, you can work from your home office while the rest of the staff is spread out across the country — and sometimes around the globe! 

Sounds great, right? It is! But many remote job seekers tend to shy away from traditional tech companies assuming all openings are going to be for developers. The good news is, that isn’t the case! Here are 5 in-demand work from home tech jobs you can do without having any coding knowledge.

1. Customer Service & Support

Any business that sells a product or service has a need for customer service professionals. And the tech industry is no exception. In fact, there are quite a few customer service work from home tech jobs. 

The type of customer service you provide depends on the nature of product or service a company sells. 

But, generally, you can expect to: 

  • Take inbound calls from current and potential customers 
  • Answer general questions 
  • Help troubleshoot issues 
  • Onboard new customers
  • Assist customers with usage issues

Remember, many work from home tech jobs don’t require specialized knowledge. So, if you have previous customer service experience in any field, you can easily transition to work from home tech jobs in customer service. 

For example, Apple hires remote customer service and tech support reps. You can get hired as an At Home Advisor as long as you can investigate problems, generate solutions, and actively listen to customers. 

Often, a resume rewrite that focuses on your customer service skills like clear communication, problem-solving and product knowledge will set you up for job search success. 

2. Digital Marketing

Tech companies rely on digital marketers to create brand awareness and get their products in front of potential customers. Often, social media is the main platform digital marketers use to promote and connect with users. 

As such, to be considered for digital marketing work from home tech jobs you need to understand:

  • Analytics 
  • Paid social media campaigns
  • Corporate storytelling 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital Marketers collaborate with many different departments, including web developers and sales to create campaigns that generate buzz and drive interest. 

If you’ve previously worked as a social media manager, copywriter, or SEO pro you can certainly make the leap to digital marketing for tech companies.

Even if digital marketing is something new to you, that’s okay too. You can take the super affordable and highly-rated Complete Digital Marketing Course on Udemy.

Udemy October Savings. Learn valuable tech skills from any device — yes, even this one. Courses from $12.99.

3. Sales

Sales is another of the in-demand work from home tech jobs you can land without coding know how!

The key to any tech company’s growth lies with their sales department. Without incoming revenue and new customers, tech businesses won’t be able to keep their virtual doors open for long. 

Since tech companies offer remote sales positions, you won’t have to go door to door to pitch prospective clients. Instead you will: 

  • Prospect new leads online 
  • Follow up via phone 
  • Send cold emails to potential customers 
  • Nurture leads to close 
  • Onboard new clients 
  • Conduct online presentations

Remote-based sales positions can be straight commission or base plus commission or hourly with bonus opportunities. 

A previous history of sales work is all you need to get your foot in the door at a work from home tech company.

Again, make sure you tweak your resume to highlight your sales experience and remote skills employers look for in their workers. 

4. Content Creation

You know the old saying, “Content is King?” Well, this holds true for the tech industry too. 

Tech companies have to create tons of content ranging from white papers and case studies to blog posts and sales copy. 

As a result, you can find plenty of work from home tech jobs as a content creator. Daily tasks a tech-focused content creator face include:

  • Write how-to guides for users
  • Draft newsletters for current customers
  • Create email marketing campaigns to sell 
  • Copy write website content to convert visitors into customers

While you won’t need coding know how to work from home as a content creator, you will need previous writing experience.

If you do have content writing employment history, make sure to highlight any technical or sales copy you’ve written. It’s always a good idea to quantify how your content converts customers, educates buyers, and drives engagement and sales (that’s what good content should do!). 

If, however, you want to break into work from home tech jobs as a writer but have no professional experience, you need to get a portfolio together. 

You can submit guest blog posts to popular tech sites or offer freelance writing services for tech-focused professionals and entrepreneurs on sites like Upwork.

Once you have enough writing samples and a portfolio of related work, you stand a much better chance of being hired as a content creator in tech. A great way to establish yourself as a pro (even when you’re not) is to create a personal brand website.

5. Recruiter

We know how in-demand tech workers are in the industry as a whole. Big-name companies as well as startups are always on the lookout for the best and brightest talent to add to their ranks. Often, tech companies embrace remote work because they want to build the perfect team without geographic boundaries. 

As such, there’s a big market of work from home tech jobs for recruiters. 

Recruiting lends itself quite well to remote work. After all, most job searches are conducted entirely online from application to networking and even interviewing via Skype or phone. 

Virtual recruiters wear a lot of hats. Commonly, as an internal recruiter for a tech company you will:

  • Identify current employees to fill open roles 
  • Use employee referrals to find outside candidates 
  • Browse LinkedIn and social sites to find talent
  • Post job openings 
  • Sort through resumes and applications 
  • Coordinate interviews 

Experience as a recruiter or a work history in Human Resources is key to breaking into the recruitment tech field from home. However, if you have a desire to work from home as a recruiter in tech but have no experience, you can always  take an online course. 

You can become AIRS Certified, which is the “industry standard for recruitment and training and certification.” 

There are several different certification programs you can choose from depending on your end goal. With AIRS Certification on your resume, you can confidently approach work from home tech jobs as a recruiter! 

Work From Home Tech Jobs Career Help 

Feeling overwhelmed? Still interested in non-developer work from home tech jobs but don’t know where to begin? 

I’m here to help! 

As a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) and Forbes Coaches Council Official Member, I specialize in helping non-remote workers transition into work-from-home careers. 

Check out my line of Career Coaching Services Below: 


Ashlee Anderson

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Feeling stuck in your work from home job search? Need some guidance? I'm a Certified Professional Career Coach and Forbes Coaches Council Official Member. Let me help you create a custom career plan to help you kick your cubicle to the curb.

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