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10 Work from Home Gifts Under $10 for the Remote Workers in Your Life


The best work from home gifts don’t have to break the bank. There are affordable options for all budgets. So, whether you need a holiday gift for 2021 or just want to show appreciation, this list gives plenty of gift-spiration.

(It also never hurts to buy yourself a lil somethin’ somethin’ because retail therapy matters).


I’ve worked remotely for 12 years. These are all items I have bought for myself or have gifted others. In many cases, I’ve bought them for myself AND gifted them. That’s how good they are.

And coming in at ten bucks or less, you can’t beat these work from home gifts.

Do you have remote workers in your life? Here are 10 affordable work from home gifts under $10 they're sure to love.
Check out the full list below

Work from Home Gifts Under $10

1. Cord Organizer

This 3-pack cord organizer has a sticky back you can place on a desk. Trust me, cord management is a struggle for home office desks. Each organizer has space for 11 cords. Your work from home friend will thank you for the organization upgrade. Plus, your choice of three colors.

2. Adorable Cat Pen Set

Cat pens. Need I say more? I own this set and have gifted it to many others. It’s always a hit. The set has six cat pens with black ink. Heck, they’re so adorable I love just displaying them on my desk for the cuteness factor.

3. Desk Stand for Phone

You use ALL your devices when you work remotely. Yes, even personal ones. A desktop phone turns your device into a second (or third) screen. A nice bonus is the cord management to keep cord clutter at bay. Oh, and it’s adjustable which I love. You can angle your phone just right for you.

4. HBR Guide to Remote Work

I love books. There’s always something to learn from career books. So, I was excited to receive the HBR Guide to Remote Work as one of many work from home gifts last year. Even though I have a decade of remote work under my belt, I found tons of helpful tips in its pages. This is a must-read for all remote workers, noobs and pros alike. Plus, it’s from Harvard Business Review. It doesn’t get more reputable than that.

5. Kinetic Desk Ball

I am not a fan of desk toys. But, I truly love this kinetic ball. It’s incredibly mesmerizing. Almost hypnotic. Desk workers will appreciate its presence since it can increase focus and reduce stress. Win-win. Plus, it’s beautiful to look at. Like seriously, get it. It’s such a unique work from home gift.

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Remote workers stare at screens all day. The blue light from devices causes eye strain. Plus, it can mess with biological clocks. Gifting blue light blocking glasses gives relief to tired remote worker eyes. Not to mention, there are super cute styles to choose from.

7. Desk Top Glasses Holder

Add on work from home gifts are the best. Complementary bundles add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. So, if you buy blue light glasses, go ahead and grab these adorable owl holders too. They fit most glasses and can even hold a phone.

8. Brain Dump Notepad

The remote worker in your life doesn’t even know they need this. But they do. Trust me. When work and life happen in the same spot, your brain jumps back and forth. I sit her writing a blog post then remember that I need paper towels. Then I look over at a dust bunny in the corner that needs immediate removal. To avoid the distraction, I have a brain dump pad. It lets you get all the shit out of your head so you can move on.

9. Self-Care Reminder Cards

Remote workers are bad at taking care of themselves. I’m guilty of it. And I know so many virtual buddies are too. But the benefits of self care cannot be understated. That’s why you can never go wrong with self-care based work from home gifts. I absolutely adore these self care cards. There are 47 in total. Each has a unique tip for health and wellness and why it matters. I also love the fact they’re printed on eco-friendly paper and decorative box.

10. Do Not Disturb Door Sign

Clearly, I love cats. I have two cat coworkers (shout out to Lenny and Mr. B). They are pretty good about not disturbing me during work. Everyone else? Not so much. This is one of those practical work from home gifts that is a sanity saver.

Remote workers can agree, our family members and friends believe we sit at home watching The Office reruns. We obviously don’t. (Okay, not all the time). So, our office space is frequently invaded. It’s annoying. Plus, it affects productivity. And honestly it’s rude. You don’t barge into someone’s office in the corporate world. Don’t do it to remote workers either. This kitty door hanger is a great reminder.

Work from Home Gifts Guide

No matter the occasion, I’ve got a gift suggestion for the beloved remote worker in your life. Or, if you need home office inspiration for your own office space, I’ve got you covered too!

Please visit my Work from Home Happiness Amazon Storefront. You’ll find tons of work from home gifts guides and idea lists for everyone, whether you’re shopping for yourself or others.

Please note, all the items in this list are from Amazon. You don’t have to be a Prime member to purchase them. However, you can try Prime free for 30 days and get unlimited two-day shipping with no minimum order size!

Happy shopping,


P.S. I am an Amazon Affiliate. If you purchase a product through my Amazon link, I receive a small commission. It doesn’t cost you anything extra. Affiliate earnings help me keep this site free of annoying ads and popups 🙂 My disclosure statement has more info.

Want Work from Home Gifts But Aren’t a Remote Worker Yet?

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