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How to List Contract Work on a Resume? Tips and Examples


The gig economy has been booming for the past couple of years. Being self-employed indeed has its perks — unlimited earning potential, flexible work schedule, and variety in work. At the same time, operating as an independent contractor can also get tiring at times. You have less job security which can lead to gaps in employment and limited earnings.

So if you feel like returning to regular employment, you might be wondering how to show contract work on your resume in the best way possible.

We break down the resume formatting rules and provide several working examples of how to add contract positions to a resume. 

Here’s How to List Contract Work on Resume 

  1. Decide on your resume format — chronological or functional. In a chronological resume, you’ll list contract work as separate entries. On a functional resume, you can group different entries by industry or project type. 
  1. Create a job entry and add an employer name. You can either use your registered business name, temp agency name, or employer name (if it was a direct contract). 
  1. Add a job title plus “Consultant” or “Contractor” moniker.  Use a general job title that best describes your role e.g., software developer or engineering technician. Then add “Contractor” or “Consultant” after a comma for clarity. 
  1. List employment dates. Mention the contract duration. For short-term contracts, use the Mo/Year-Mo/Year format. For long-term work, use the Year-Year format. 
  1. Describe the work you did. List specific duties and share several accomplishments. Don’t forget to use relevant resume keywords from the job entry.  
  1. Use resume bullet points to improve the readability of your work experience section. Aim for 2-4 bullet points per job entry on your resume.
  1. Limit yourself to 3-4 most relevant contract work entries. You can “wrap” the remaining ones under a general “Self-Employed” entry if you want to highlight more projects and achievements. 

Contract Position on a Resume Examples 

Showcasing contract work on a resume isn’t much different from styling full-time job entries. Your goal is to articulate your most marketable skills, main work accomplishments, and general duties front and center. 

To help you out, our team prepared several sample contract position resume entries for different types of independent work. 

Full-time independent contractor resume entry 

Below is a sample resume entry for a full-time independent contractor/experienced freelancer, working with several clients at a time. 

UX/UI designer, Consultant  
Koch Group
October 2021-present 

A UX/UI consultant for mobile financial product development, hired for a 6-month project.  

  • Conducted user research and behavioral studies 
  • Optimized digital account opening process (from 22 to 8 forms) 
  • Reduced churn rates by 15% 

Lead UX/UI designer, Contractor 
Prosacco LLC
June 2021-present 

Joined as the project lead for a team of in-house designers for an online store redesign project. 

  • Worked on-site with the client’s design and marketing team 
  • Provided CRO consultations for product landing pages
  • Re-designed checkout experience — which led to an 8% boost in conversion rates 

UX Researcher, Consultant 
Berigns Foundation 
October 2020-Present 

Part-time UX researcher, specializing in web accessibility research and website testing.

  • Verified and compile new UX best practices for web accessibility 
  • Conducted user studies and focus groups 
  • Delivered a series of workshops for business leaders 

Resume sample for temporary contract work 

This entry shows how you can best showcase temporary contract work alongside regular employment. 

Production Manager 
Shanahan Movies Inc – Full-Time
December 2019-present 

On-set production manager, responsible for managing “below-the-line” crew. Stellar budget management skills, strong time management skills, high levels of personal efficiency, and mental resilience. 

  • Shooting schedules management and coordination  
  • Quality control program development and implementation 
  • Over 50 vetted equipment suppliers on my books 

Assistant Production Manager 
Faraway Studios – Contract
June 2019-November 2019 

Contract-based position to assist during the shooting of the first season of a new travel show. Provided location scouting help and performed coordination on the ground. Liaised with local suppliers, partners, and authorities in Spanish. 

  • Coordinated major project milestones and deadlines 
  • Obtained shooting permits from the local Tourist Bureau 
  • Facilitated relationships with the local show sponsors 

Freelance production manager 
April 2017-present 

Assisted on a number of short-term commercial shooting projects, primarily for fashion and luxury brands. Organized destination ad campaign shootings in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. Facilitated street-style shoots on the ground in NY, Florida, California. 

Select clients include Fashion Housing, Ramires, Sana Tea, Bloomington.  

Personal website [your website URL] 

To Conclude: Should I Put Temporary Contracts on My Resume? 

Yes, if your contract position is relevant to the one you are applying for, do include it on your resume. If not, you can always just add the name of a staffing agency you’ve been with and provide some general descriptions to avoid having employment gaps on your resume

As the nature of work has changed tremendously over the past couple of years, employers today don’t bat an eye on a series of contract jobs. On the contrary, some see it as an advantage as former independent contractors often have more diverse work experience and a more proactive “let’s make things happen” attitude than full-time office dwellers.

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