Entry Level My Classes Are Now Virtual, Here’s How I’m Staying...

My Classes Are Now Virtual, Here’s How I’m Staying Mentally Healthy


Being a college student is tough; you have to leave your home and move away, leave your childhood friends behind and make new ones and be on your own, and now our entire lives have been flipped upside down with the tragic news of COVID-19. Instead of seeing all the bad it has brought us we should focus on the good; reuniting us with our families, extra-long summer vacation, and ONLINE SCHOOL!!! We know that things can get tough if you have never taken classes online and that your mental health might be taking a toll but we asked college students how they are making the best out of everything!

Here are a few ways to deal with virtual classes and staying mentally healthy:

1. Connect with your support system

Having to pack up your newfound life or life you have had for a few years already can be difficult. Your routine has been shifted and your mental health will be affected. Being in quarantine means you can’t see your best friend, you can’t see your cousins, you can’t see your sorority sisters, but it doesn’t mean those conversations have to stop. We are lucky that we live in a time of technology and we have so many ways to connect with others. During this time a lot of emotions can come up and it is a difficult time for everyone – CONNECT with them, be there for them and let them be there for you!

2. Your feelings are valid!

It is okay to feel what you are feeling whether it is being overwhelmed, anxious, sad, or mad; take it one day at a time. Everyone is in the same position and we need to support one another. Write down your thoughts and feelings and track your mood to make sure your mental health is okay.

3. Communication is key

Transitioning to online classes can be tough for some people; they don’t know how to use the online software, they focus better in in-person classroom settings and use tutoring and office hours to excel in classes. Remember just because the work and lecture are online now does not mean your professor is gone too. During virtual class, meetings ask as many questions as you can, just like how professors say when you are in person I promise someone else has the same question as you! Don’t be scared to email a classmate or your professor if something is confusing about the work, communicate with others to get your work done the correct way without having to stress out! Everyone is in the same boat together so don’t be scared to communicate!

4. Don’t forget about yourself

Being at home can get the best of us, we start losing what day of the week it is, we sit in bed all day watching Netflix, we start to worry about our family and in the process forget about ourselves. Take the newfound time you have and paint your nails, put on a facemask, take a bath, try out that new workout routine you saw on YouTube, put on some makeup and do your hair, do ANYTHING for yourself even if it takes less than five minutes. Taking a few minutes out of your day to focus on yourself doing something you love or something you have always wanted to try out will put you in a better mindset and help you feel normal during this time.

5. Online classes

Online classes are either someone’s favorite or most hated. Every student learns differently; there are virtual learners, visual learners, physical learners, verbal learners, and aural learners. During quarantine, this might be difficult for most but we need to learn how to transition into virtual learners. The BEST tip is to buy a planner or notebook to write out all deadlines. Writing out deadlines will keep you on track doing your work. As a virtual learner, you need to set out priorities. It can be tempting to lay in bed all day but wake up, fix your bed, change out of your pajamas, and move to a different part of your house to get the feeling of “going to class”.  The last tip I have for you is to still have your study groups – of course virtually – but studying with friends will help you stay motivated through your coursework and have you prepared for finals!

About the author: Coral Dayan is a senior at CSUN studying System and Operations Management and Apparel Merchandising.

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This post was originally published on Wayup


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This post was originally published on Wayup